Yes, online gambling is legal in most of the Hindi and English speaking states of India. India has a better population of over one billion people. It is therefore; perhaps no surprise that there are many gambling lovers in this region. Athletic sports are very popular, especially cricket and horse racing. Casino gambling is the best money making task and popular pastimes for many as well.

Gambling is a state subject, and only states in India have the authority to set rules for gambling in their respective states. There is seventh schedule in Indian Constitution that defines the laws for gambling and betting according to which gambling can be legalized by a particular state. Also the Central Government has no right to interfere in the laws framed by State Government. According to this law there are two broad categories of the games i.e. game of chance and game of skill. Some lotteries and some selective horse racing are banned in some states in India.Now, you can bet on some sports / games, which are beyond the state specific. Currently, horse racing, online gambling, rummy online, lottery, and several casinos are legal in India.

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Information Technology Act, 2000

In 14 April 2011, the Gazette of India published the Electronic Information System (Central Information) Regulations, 2011. This legal document is published in the Official Gazette Science Technology, 2000. In short, this action instructs Internet Service Providers and Web Hosts to block access to certain types of websites and content. While most of this is in the area of National Security, things are going to make India less vulnerable, things that are blasphemous, illegal, pornographic and otherwise, Section 2 item B includes all “related or financial or gambling” items.The addition of gambling to the IT Act of 2000 faces a debate over which parts of India. Again, the Sikkim government authorizes sports betting and gambling, the Armenian government has legal gambling, and 13 states allow the lottery.

Is gambling legal? Online gambling in India

Online Gambling in India

The 1867 Public Games Act does not apply to online games. This is not surprising given that the Internet was far from invented. It can be argued that operating a gaming site in India is considered illegal under the terms of this act, but it is far from clear.There is also another action that can be considered online betting and gaming according to 2000 Information Technology Law. This provides for various offenses related to online activities, although there is still no statement that online gambling is illegal. Many gambling establishments also welcome Indian visitors, but because these places are operating overseas they do not have to be governed by Indian law. Including this does not, by itself, mean that using gambling sites from within India is legal.

At state level, there are two states that have enacted legislation specifically addressing online gaming. In Maharashtra it is completely forbidden, while in Sikkim the government is now authorized to issue licenses to operators who wish to provide online gambling services through the state. This is a significant step towards gambling regulated in India.